I now undertake some teaching tutorial sessions with the wonderful folks at Lacock Photography in Wiltshire - the birthplace of photos!

Creative Catpture

About the Course

This course will bring out the playful side of your creative photography. We will explore techniques that you might not have used. Intentional Camera Movement (ICM), creating impressionist painterly looking photos in-camera. Using shutter speeds to creative effect and learn how to use different white balance settings to transform and develop different aspects to your images.

The day will look at how to adapt your camera settings: aperture, shutter and ISO and how to apply those to composition and layout of images. We will look at using the techniques for different types of images such as architecture, landscape and flower subjects.
We will explore developing Multiple Exposures (ME) in camera combining creative images, different settings to produce abstract images, artistic effects and new styles from your favourite subjects. An introduction to in-camera blending techniques will be included to start your creative journey.

The course will include tutorials, time to take your own images with a short ‘show-and-tell’ review at the end of the day. We will try different zoom techniques, ICM and different camera angles to produce creative images in a matter of minutes – with no post processing or knowledge of software applications required!

Course Content

  • Using Shutter Speed To Creative Effect
  • Different White Balance Settings
  • Intentional Camera Movement Techniques – Swing, Pull, Quartering
  • Zoom Techniques, Camera Angles
  • Adopting Different Compositions
  • Deconstructing Your Scene, Seeing The Different Picture
  • Multiple Exposures, Burst Images

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