The Weir series

I am lucky enough to live by a mill with a noisy weir! And during lockdown I have been watching it, watching the water and shapes and forms that fall over it. And here is my work in progress...

spate  (spāt) n.

1. A sudden flood, rush, or outpouring:

a. A flash flood.

b. A freshet resulting from a downpour of rain or melting of snow.

c. A sudden heavy fall of rain.

Weir #1

"looks like glass"

Weir #2

The weir at the mill changes all the time. Different textures, patterns and colours.

the weir

Exposed (edge)


Swan Lake

Weir #3

Morphing textures and colours as the water flows all the time...

Weir #4

Ripples at dawn

Weir #5