Over in an instant

History stopped, or has it?

Layers of life compos-it

New birth, reformed, now alive

Not stopping, but diverted, ready to revive

Micro, macro all forms of life

Secretly growing, very much rife


I’m very much a ripple

Do you fancy a tipple?

Riding on my crest of time

I’m very much a ripple

Perhaps a little brittle

Just passing through, oh

what a crime!

I’m very much a ripple

It’s starting to drizzle

Will you share mine?

I’m very much a ripple

I’m starting to dribble

Just a little speck in time


Falling over

And over, again

It never ceases, to refrain

Falling over

And over, toward doubt

Its life is a series of knockouts


I am broken, but still very much alive

I might be stunted, but I am striving to survive

Limbs might have fallen, my clothes are now strewn about

But I am still mighty, majestic and stout

I’m not broken, I’ve just reached out

I might have stepped back, but there is no doubt

I am very much moving forward, with lots of drive

Limbs are regrowing, branches and buds very much alive


Rings of life recorded for prosperity

The rings add up giving greater clarity

Good years, bad years, years of plenty and years of strife

The rings within me record my life


What do you see?

Crawling across my tree

New or old?

Is it life, or just a fold?

There is something there

A glimpse to share

We are all looking

But what do you see?


Ever flowing, never blowing

Spilling over, like a stover

Pushing onward, not being awkward

Exploding out, without a shout

Expanding, reforming, without a warning

Forming a new lease of life


“It’s the end of the line” they said

No more. Cut. No less. Bled.

But life continues, its not taken for dead

Live with me. Now. Grow like a tree. How?

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