Here are some words that came to mind whilst I was trying to capture what I could 'see' on a fantastic trip to Rajasthan with the wonderful Bailey Chinnery (@baileychinnery) photographic tours and a group of great friends!

A riot of colour

A riot of colour, a cacophony of sound
A melee of smells, all beauty to be found
It grabbed me, and slapped me until I laughed
It amazed me, and fazed me and made me graft
Sights above you, and to the right
Sights to behold you, and sights of the night
Just the sheer colour, it was just so bright
Not good for the diet, and it certainly wasn’t quiet
But above all, it was a colourful riot!

The Indian Forts, ramparts all around!
Wherever you looked, forts could be found
They mesmerised, they defended
They swirled in my mind
The colours, the intricacy
The latticework of mankind

Indian Fort


The mysteries, the histories
Doors to the past
Glimpses of lives waiting to be asked
Arches to freedom, gifts to the poor
Lots of intrigue, behind that door

“It’s all around me, it’s all to be found
This wonderful place, the wonderful sound
Patterns of nature, patterns from man
The images are exploding, I’m a huge fan
The colours, the textures
The angles, the feel
All these new images make me real”

“It's the people that make this place
Getting on with life
There are lessons here, for us all to learn
Will it change my life?”

Capturing Memories

Capturing memories, things of the past
Things that trouble me, things that will last
Where are the new ones?
The ones I should see?
Where are the future ones?
Waiting for me

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