This series of verse and images were made during the COVID-19 2020 lockdown period. A period of being mindful. A period of looking around me, observing and making decisions. They were dark. I was dark. They have hope. Let me know what you think..

Even the commute

I have to get there

Regardless of time

Time is life, life is mine

Slow down

Even the caffeine

Quick slurp to get high

No time to linger or wonder why

Time stopped with a bump

Lock down

Even the ducklings swimming in the bubbles

New life, new sound

I’ve been here to see them!

Sadly there are only three left to be found


Even the rooks 

Loudly crowing, chattering away

I’m told it happens every year

I’ve just not been around to say


Even the dead tree

I didn’t see it die

I wasn’t here

I didn’t cry


Even the raindrops

Spoiling a perfect day

Maybe they are trying

To show me the way?


Even the cow

Beneath the bough

Time to change 

But show me how?


Even the leaf

Escaping over the weir

I want to see it

I want to be here


Life is precious

I get it somehow

Even time

Time for me now

The image numbers refer to the passage of time. They look like prison photographs. They look like polaroids. A timestamp of my moments during lockdown. Literally, it is the time and date (american format!) of the image.